Mar. 15th, 2004

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the name sedna better not stick for the following reasons:
  • it is not rupert.
  • it ruins the little roman pantheon of gods/goddesses found in the planets' names.
  • My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Six Pizzas, Sally? ummm no.
  • do we really need another S named planet?
  • i understand she's of importance to the inuit people, but still her story leaves something (a strong female role?) missing.

    tangentially. why do the germans have a completely different name for mostly harmless? (lj cut hidding a picture) )
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    in the trade of intimacy for learning, how would the classes be structured? a kiss for 5 minutes on photoshop? sex for the high end mac?

    Have you been hoping to find a job in a creative industry.

    I have professional expertise training people who have gone on to work
    at Ad Agency's and Magazines in Los Angles.

    I will train one cute, sweet, sexy young girl what it takes to get a
    job using your skills learned from me.

    If you keep up the training and I can trust you I can help you get freelance work.

    The main programs you will need to know are: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and QuarkXpress.

    For creative work these programs need to be learned on an Apple Mac.

    After we begin this arrangement I may be able to lend you a top of the line Mac.

    What I seek is your appreciation joyously expressed by you inviting me
    to know you intimately.

    Please only answer this if you can be completely comfortable with this part of the plan.

    I will make sure this will be at your comfort level not mine.

    Let me know what is good for you and maybe we can help each other.

    I am a sexy and cute white "gentle" man, 30, artist, very intelligent and a great conversationalist.

    I am sane, emotionally mature, and so should you be.

    Let's have some fun together while you gain professional training and I gain some long lost intimacy.

    -- taken from craig's list

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