Mar. 29th, 2004

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bree, if only you waited and went to ireland instead.
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The television industry was shaken last October when the ratings from Nielsen Media Research showed that a huge part of a highly prized slice of the American population was watching less television. As the fall TV season began, viewership among men from 18 to 34 fell 12 percent compared with the year before, Nielsen reported. And for the youngest group of adult men, those 18 to 24, the decline was a steeper 20 percent.


The notion that people who use the Internet might spend less time watching television is not new, of course.

But Jeffrey I. Cole, who heads the UCLA Internet Study at the University of California, Los Angeles, said, "We could show from day one that Internet users watched less television." But four years ago, when the first survey appeared, television executives argued that "Internet guys are different" and would not watch much television anyway. Now, Internet use has so thoroughly permeated society that "the differences between users and nonusers has narrowed significantly," he said, and "our work is showing that some of the time for the Internet is coming from television."

That is not news to Sean Hyde-Moyer, 38, a player of computer games whose own experience suggests that the shift away from television among young adults weaned on computers is continuing as they grow older.

read the whole article (nytimes registration required) here:
Leisure Pursuits of Today's Young Man

i love the idea of being "weaned on computers," even if i'm still wistful of the days when "internet guys are different" and when less people were online. of course the trade off being that now there are a million more cool things out there to waste the time i really don't have.....
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