Apr. 24th, 2004

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By Lynn M. Paltrow, AlterNet
April 22, 2004

Imagine a law declaring that upon becoming pregnant a woman loses her right to bodily integrity, life and liberty. Such a law would undoubtedly result in strong opposition across party lines. But in fact such laws are being passed – though rather than presented as an attack on women's fundamental rights, they are advanced as fetal rights measures such as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act recently signed into law by President Bush. Increasingly, fetal rights are being used to undermine the legal status of pregnant women.

snip... a paragraph about a failed court order for a marrow transplant )

In the name of fetal rights however, pregnant women are being forcibly restrained. In 1984, for example, a Nigerian woman pregnant and hospitalized in Chicago was forced to have a C-section. She refused the surgery because she planned to return to Nigeria where she would be unable to access C-sections for future births. The hospital obtained a court order and forced her to undergo the procedure. Hospital staff tied her down with leather wrist and ankle cuffs while she screamed for help.

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currently lj either hates me or it knows i should be working on my final projects, as i'm not receiving any emailed comments. gah. does anyone know how to fix this???

this week's theme: disturbing shit from current memes

a man and his tron costume
thus cementing my belief that no one should be allowed to wear spandex.

something for trek fans
how the hell did kirk score ladies?

an optical illusion

unpaid internships might be illegal yeah, it comes from news-lite usatoday, but when it seems like every summer job out here is an unpaid internship... this might be the most disturbing thing of the week.

There's a corpse on the bed. Please change the sheets in 3 other languages and other important phrases.

the cost of war and you can compare where the money could've gone.

and now i should go back to working on my final projects.

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