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slide down my rainbow, into my cellar door...

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..., accents, adbusters, adrian mole, aesthetics, americorps, ancient history, ancient roman culture, androgyny, angela carter, anglophile, anti-disney, argyle socks, atheism, baking, ballet, barbie dolls, being tactile, brit pop, castle ruins, chapstick addiction, cheating the power pad, childfree, cincinnati, coachella, comics, comparative literature, concerts, cultural studies, cultural theory, dancing in the rain, dandy warhols, debating, douglas adams, east african immigrants/refugees, electric tea kettles, england, english breakfast, esl, euchre, feeling homeless, feeling not seeing, feminism, flying, flying above the clouds, foaming soap, fountain pens, fountains of wayne,, fringe festivals, frolicing, good design principles, goths, gray sweaters, huggy puddles, hugs, independence, intp, jaffa cakes, kitties, knee socks, knitting in the round, latin, leigha horton, ljdrama, lollipops, london, macintosh apples, make out time, making fun of people, milk and sugar, minneapolis, monty python's flying circus, moving elsewhere, my family, myself, mythologies, naps, new york city, non-modern art, not watching tv, old books, online addiction, people from other places, people who actually think, petty vandalism, photo booths, postcards, pretty boxes, printing presses, public transit, quiet, rainy days, rambling, random acts of kindness, religion, royksopp, scrimshaw brothers, sexy doodle, sidewalks, sisters, skirts, sleep, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snogging, socks, soft bedding, soft fuzzy things, soft things, somali malls, spring rains, stargazer lilies, story telling, storytelling,, sunny rooms, sweet slumber snuggle, swirly music, sylvia plath, talking, tea, tea time, telnet, the avalanches, the color blue, the hitch hiker's guide, the sims, the warehouse, theatre, theletterm, theories, trashy british novels, travel, traveling, trip hop, trivial knowledge, united kingdom, velvet goldmine, volunteering, volunteerism, wax lips, whole milk chocolate milk, wildflowers, woxy, yoga, zim, ~,
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