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Although, I'm still trying to get a hang of wiki language, there is something I like about being able to have my own wiki sandbox where I can organically (and easily) build a site.
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my dad's girl friend lost her house one night ago to fire.

(see more photos by clicking the picture)
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ascii art + rammestein (german heavy metal) + chat conventions =

(involves sound)
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this is brilliant.

this *almost* makes me want to watch the debates tonight. but i'm unsure if i can handle it after watching the first debate.

looking at a collection of all of the possible pieces, makes me want to somehow turn this into a drinking game.
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it is rather hilarious to hear a stream of angry sounding words in chinese followed by "Republican Convention".

fucking republican convention.
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has the kabbalah craze gotten a tad out of hand when they're selling kabbalah red string at target for $25.99?

picture and description of the red string )


Jul. 26th, 2004 01:07 pm
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the comment section of this alternative ketchup is awesome.

i don't eat/use ketchup (it is a vile, vile, vile waste of tomatoes) but i'm guessing there already is a bunch of other brands (besides heinz) on the shelf. right? why order online for something you can easily pick up at the grocery store?
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all voter guides should be like this.
(perhaps i just really love the idea of shooting down the more annoying person.)
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my baby sister has decided to make me feel old by going off to college this fall. i'm trying to think up a list of things i wish i knew before going to college or just general advise about going off to college. i'm wondering if you'd help out...

What do you wish you knew before college?
(please comment)


Jul. 12th, 2004 10:02 am
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the complete a to x
(the list)

also, i've tapped *most* of the list... i just need to clean out some webspace on my school site.....
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this is painful
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We had anticipated that the last day of our terrestrial broadcast at 97.7 FM would be around May 1st, but things sometimes take longer than expected, so it now looks like it will be closer to, but no later than, May 13th.

That's the good news … the bad news is that it might also be our last day broadcasting on the Internet.

Over the past three months we've been looking for sponsors or investors who could help us fund this very expensive venture into the future. We've talked with many, many potential partners, but as of now, it's not looking good. There are still some active conversations, but every day that goes by makes it less and less likely that we will find a funder.

Believe it or not, it would cost more to run this Internet radio station (with half the staff) than it ever did to run our terrestrial radio station. The main reason is the costs of music performance royalties and bandwidth for our audio streaming. Unlike traditional AM and FM radio where the cost of operating the transmitter is fixed no matter how many people listen, on the Internet our costs go up for each additional person that tunes in. With our online audience approaching 50,000 unique listeners and growing every month, the already substantial costs continue to rise with no significant revenue stream to pay for them.

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currently lj either hates me or it knows i should be working on my final projects, as i'm not receiving any emailed comments. gah. does anyone know how to fix this???

this week's theme: disturbing shit from current memes

a man and his tron costume
thus cementing my belief that no one should be allowed to wear spandex.

something for trek fans
how the hell did kirk score ladies?

an optical illusion

unpaid internships might be illegal yeah, it comes from news-lite usatoday, but when it seems like every summer job out here is an unpaid internship... this might be the most disturbing thing of the week.

There's a corpse on the bed. Please change the sheets in 3 other languages and other important phrases.

the cost of war and you can compare where the money could've gone.

and now i should go back to working on my final projects.
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By Lynn M. Paltrow, AlterNet
April 22, 2004

Imagine a law declaring that upon becoming pregnant a woman loses her right to bodily integrity, life and liberty. Such a law would undoubtedly result in strong opposition across party lines. But in fact such laws are being passed – though rather than presented as an attack on women's fundamental rights, they are advanced as fetal rights measures such as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act recently signed into law by President Bush. Increasingly, fetal rights are being used to undermine the legal status of pregnant women.

snip... a paragraph about a failed court order for a marrow transplant )

In the name of fetal rights however, pregnant women are being forcibly restrained. In 1984, for example, a Nigerian woman pregnant and hospitalized in Chicago was forced to have a C-section. She refused the surgery because she planned to return to Nigeria where she would be unable to access C-sections for future births. The hospital obtained a court order and forced her to undergo the procedure. Hospital staff tied her down with leather wrist and ankle cuffs while she screamed for help.

the rest of the article )
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the future of trailer parks...... on highrise rooftops.
of course instead of oversized trucks bringing the mobile home to its resting place, they want to use helicopters!!!!
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having a dad go to jail is common enough for a kids book about it. (what jail cell has wall hangings?)

also, for those MTFs out there who want to take being a woman to a whole new level, there are menstrual kits. (cramps not included.)
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the subservient chicken
(tell the chicken what to do)
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